Ethan Leinwand

Blues Piano

Ethan Leinwand -  Blues Piano


Ethan Leinwand is a St. Louis-based pianist and preservationist, specializing in barrelhouse blues. A student of the music’s rich history and varied regional styles, Ethan presents personal interpretations of many of the great (and forgotten) old-time masters. He specializes in St. Louis pre-war piano blues, Texas barrelhouse, Deep South barrelhouse, early Chicago boogie-woogie, and good-time hokum stride. His influences include: Jimmy Yancey, Henry Brown, Little Brother Montgomery, Peetie Wheatstraw, Aaron ‘Pinetop’ Sparks, Albert Ammons, Black Bob, Cooney Vaughn, Professor Longhair, and Carl Sonny Leyland.

Originally from Middletown, CT, Ethan has spent time living in New Orleans and Brooklyn. He moved to St. Louis in the summer of 2014, and, connecting with the city’s thriving blues community and its deep piano blues heritage, has quickly become a mainstay. In addition to his solo work, Ethan plays in multiple projects  including The Bottlesnakes, The St. Louis Steady Grinders, Miss Jubilee, a duo with Tom Hall, and NYC-based  Chickentown. 

Ethan has performed at The University of Chicago Folk Fest, The Arches Boogie-Woogie Stage (Cincinnati, OH), Pianissimo Piano Festival (Nuremberg, Germany), The Big Muddy Blues Festival (St. Louis, MO), Chase Garrett’s Boogie Stomp (Iowa City, IA), Ricky Nye’s Blues & Boogie Summit (Cincinnati, OH),  and upcoming in 2017: The Brooklyn Folk Fest, The Port Townsend Acoustic Blues Workshop, and The LaRoquebrou International Boogie-Woogie Festival (France) .


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photo by Javier Oddo